I have a background in Astrophysics and I knew that I wanted to do something with that knowledge. But all of the current books are either too dry or too generic to be interesting. I wanted to build off the current information that is available and elevate the visual standards to not only be sophisticated but also approachable.
Black holes are fundamentally very interesting but the current literature found in Astrophysics is dry and challenging. Is there a way to simplify the information without losing the heart of the subject matter?

How can we help the general public better understand the theory behind black holes without talking down to them?

To keep things simple, I used a plain black circle to represent a black hole.

A clean palette of white and black kept the editorial to the point. No mess, no fuss.

I didn't want to use the "expected" Helvetica so I utilized Post Grotesk. It had the no-nonsense feeling I was going for
and had just the right amount of personality.

Beam me ↑ up Scotty