HeyDay is an app I designed to help me better understand myself. Grounded in research from my Senior Thesis (which you can read here), HeyDay is meant to be an intuitive tool that helps you grow. Not only does it help you track your day but it will eventually use machine-learning to help you identify trends so you can focus on becoming the best you can be.

The competitors in the "self-betterment" industry are unintuitive, feature poor UX and are generally lacking in the design department. HeyDay needed to not only be attractive but focus on the user as much as possible.
How can we help each person become the best they can be?
This quote from Aristotle is what really started me on my journey. I realized that to better understand the world around me, I needed to first understand myself. With this goal in mind, I crafted a survey and sent it out into the world.
The survey asked the respondents to take a better look at themselves while answering questions about their goals. Some questions were written specifically to see how the general public felt about understanding who they are and who they want to be.
HeyDay was crafted to be different from the rest of the apps. Everything from the color palette, to the typography and even the name, the app needed to exclude positivity. The various color gradients in the ever-changing circle reference the various and fluid emotions we go through on a daily basis.
The competitors didn't focus heavily on the user's experience so it was essential that HeyDay always kept that in mind. That's why the main content of the app only resides in the "Natural" zone. This zone is the area that feels natural for a user's thumb to move around in. Also it meant keeping all non-essential out of the "Stretching" & "Difficult" zone as much as possible.

One key feature of the app was the slider feature which allows the user to select how their goals and day went by using colors. As you can see, the slider is in directly in the center of the "Natural" zone to make things easy for users.
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