Chang Shou
Chinese restaurants tend to care about low-prices and high-flavor. Unfortunately, due to that large amount of spices, sauces, etc., the health benefits of “Americanized” Chinese food tends to be low. Chang Shou wants to reverse this and focus on good food and better health.

Chang Shou translates into "Long-Life" in Chinese. Chang Shou Mian is the name for "Long-Life Noodles" that are eaten on a person's birthday.

The brand uses a color palette derived from traditional Chinese vegetables. The kraft texture showcases the natural aspect of the brand.

How can a Chinese restaurant be healthy & delicious without losing it's authenticity?

Subtle elements such as the wooden menu board and twine ties help the brand stand apart from "traditional" Chinese restaurants.

Minimalism in the identity conveys the quiet confidence often found in Chinese culture.

Custom chopsticks are another way the brand reinforces the uniqueness of the restaurant.

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