UX Research Study
UX Research Study is a project started by my brother Varun Murugesan. He is currently a User Experience Researcher at the Best Buy Corporate HQ. His idea was to create a resource that he would have wanted when he started doing User Experience. He writes the content and I supply the visuals and keep the brand consistent.

There are a lot of posts focusing on UX Research but none of them are consistent or easy-to-use.

How can we make User Experience research more engaging and useful for the User Experience community?

Varun's budget was non-existent so I utilized Google Fonts and created simple yet effective hierarchy. We knew we wanted the brand to feel more academic so clean serif with a sans-serif sub-heading was the way to go.
Built on a simple grid, the posts were made to be easily scannable but also easy for me to create on a regular basis.
Because the concepts can be dry at times, we created a set of recurring characters to help explain key ideas as well as add a point of interest. We chose an apple and a banana because they were universal enough to be recognizable and because they were time-efficient to illustrate and animate. 
We've made a lot of posts and we have plans for a lot more!
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